Why Happiness And Evil?

December 15, 2007

Guarding Goodness Is Part of Being Good!
People Who Don’t Fight For Their Rights
And Freedom Loose Them.

Happiness And Evil is devoted to sharing ways to protect ourselves from evil and to conquer evil in our lives. It’s also a memorial to all the people who have suffered at the hands of evil people through time.

Happiness And Evil grew from our Happiness And Faith television show in response to viewers comments about our statement:

Evil People Are Never Truly Happy.

We’ll explain why this is true and explore the topic in depth over time. We’ll also share ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones from evil people and evil doers. To do this it’s important to know what evil is and how it works…

Evil Is Taking Pleasure From Causing Pain or Harm.

If you steal from someone and enjoy the fruits of your theft, that is evil. So is criticizing someone to make yourself feel good. You’re deriving pleasure from stealing another person’s dignity and emotional well-being.

We’ll explore evil further in future posts, explain how to identify and protect ourselves and our loved ones from evil forces in our lives.

Love Propels Happiness. Happy people love enthusiastically and expansively, their love embraces the entire world.

The Happiest People Are The Most Loving People.

Where Love Is Lacking Or Limited, There Is Little Happiness!

Evil people’s love is shallow, superficial, insincere.  Evil hardens your heart to other people’s humanity. Hardened hearts don’t love. Hardened hearts are never truly happy.

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Detect, Deflect, Defeat Evil and Defend Goodness are keys to happiness and spiritual success.

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Evil People

December 15, 2007

Happiness Evil People CandlesSome people enjoy being mean. Evil people enjoy causing hurt and harm, it gives them a sense of power, control and superiority.

They may hide your keys, snicker while you search for them and blame you for not being better organized. Benign? It costs you time and emotional well-being.

Empowered, evil tyrants like Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot kill millions of people without regret.

They have no consciences, no guilt, no remorse or empathy, no care about right or wrong. They do whatever they please, their only concern is getting caught or being stopped.

Law enforcement and medical professionals call them psychopaths, sociopaths, antisocial. They are at least 4% of our population.

They are often very articulate, charming, attractive and likeable. This makes them very dangerous. They look and act normal but they have no morals, no concern for anyone but themselves.

They are adept at hiding their true feelings and evil intentions. They are criminals, con artists, psychopathic ceos, corporate bullys, petty tyrants.

Good people don’t believe people can be so evil and do such evil things and still seem so normal.

This is how and why happy, healthy people are repeatedly taken in and victimized by their psychopathic manipulations and deceptions.

Evil people look like fine, upstanding citizens. Church involvement can provide convenient covers for their criminal activities.

Happy, Healthy, Successful People Beware:

Psychopaths often target the best and the brightest and try to humiliate and subjugate people who are better than they are. They love to dominate, control and destroy people who outshine or out perform them. Why People Are Targeted

Their haughty delusions of grandeur are driven by deep seated and well earned fears of inferiority.

Protection from Psychopaths:

1) Recognize there are very sick, evil people who appear normal, kind, caring and considerate. They have no empathy or concern for anyone but themselves. Psychopaths and Sociopaths are sadistic. They get pleasure from causing pain, especially to good, honest, happy, healthy, successful people.

2) Power, Control, Superiority and Domination are their desires. They want to hurt you and they don’t want to be exposed. They blame you for the evil they’re doing and they want you to blame yourself so they will be exonerated.

3) Humiliation and Subjugation are their goals. If they can make you mad, look crazy or bad, you’ve played right into their hands.

4) Emotional Independence – Choose your mood, attitude and actions based on what’s best for you. Don’t give them control of your thoughts, actions or feelings. Don’t give them the control and dominance they crave.

5) Protect Yourself Physically and Mentally – don’t let them depress, distress or endanger you. Don’t let their evil dominate your life.

6) Shine Brightly – Spiritual Strength and Success Is Your Best Defense!

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